Chapter Officers

Kaitlyn Still

officer Kaitlyn Still


I love being chapter president because I get to watch the chapter grow from a different perspective. I also love getting to help my officer team & teach them how to be leaders in the chapter. Alpha Gam has given me so much, & I’m truly honored to get to serve the chapter at this capacity!

Kendall Law

officer Kendall Law

Vice President of Chapter Wellness

I love my position because it gives me an opportunity to build deeper relationships with my sister.

Casey Robinson

officer Casey Robinson

Vice President of Academic Excellence

I believe that each and everyone of my sisters has the potential to go so far in life and I love having the privilege to help support them in their academic endeavors

Abbey Anderson

officer Abbey Anderson

Vice President of Recruitment

I love my position because I get to see girls go through their entire process and finding our next generation of sisters.

Hailet Triplett

officer Hailet Triplett

Vice President of Finance

Being on EC, and specifically being VP-Finance, has given me opportunities that have made me stronger in where I stand. It has reminded me that I follow the rules I am given because it helps. Being VP-Finance has taught me how to listen more carefully to others. I enjoy this position because it gives me a greater voice than I had before and allows me to prove myself with anything I am gave.

Kayla Buie

officer Kayla Buie

Vice President of Administration

I love my position because it allows me to serve my sisters and help preserve our chapters history.

Lizzie Watson

officer Lizzie Watson

Vice President of Member Experience

I love my position because it allows me to become closer to sisters and watch them grow in the organization through the Gamma and Delta programs.

Mary Brooks

officer Mary Brooks

Vice President of New Member Experience

I love being New Member Experience because I get to teach our new members all about Alpha Gam. This organization has done so much for me, I can not wait for them to see what they will gain from sorority life!

Cassidy Rogers

officer Cassidy Rogers

Vice President of Event Planning

I love my position because I am able to plan fun and exciting events for all my sister to enjoy while also strengthening our bonds with others.

Caitlin Brewer

officer Caitlin Brewer

Vice President of Marketing

I love my position because I can serve my sisters and portray our chapters image and message to others.

Brooke Ferrell

officer Brooke Ferrell

Vice President of Campus Relations

I love my position because it gives me the opportunity to help sisters get better participation, as well as having more opportunities to work with other organizations on campus!

Madison Murray

officer Madison Murray

Vice President of Philanthropy

I love my position because I get to serve my chapter and the community that I love.

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